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Just got easier
 All chat sessions are 100% free and confidential, with the
 click of a button be connected to
 one of many counselors in just seconds.
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Experienced Team
 Our team is well trained and ready to help assist you in
 any way we possibly can. We have often experienced many
 of the issues you may be facing, so we understand you.
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Support Team
 Our team is ready and waiting to assist you with any
 issues, this isn't a one time thing either - come back and
 chat whenever you like!
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that you are who you are

The only way you can live with yourself is by accepting who you are and learning to love you for you. Nobody is anywhere near perfection, the first step is realizing that in addition to taking the initiative to get yourself help
you are victorious

Congratulations, you care about yourself enough to finish strong and make a complete recovery with the help of our support team. If your bad feelings ever come back, return to us for another counseling session
Welcome the Right Way Out
Thank you for caring about yourself enough to get help from our support team. If you enter chat with intent to disturb, distract or mislead our counselors you are not allowed to be on the site and should leave immediately, doing this takes time away from those who really need it. Emergency services may or may not be called depending on the actions you say are being performed in chat. Not all members of the support  team are certified counselors - but that doesn't mean we can't help, provide advice, and be there for you as often as we can (see terms of use). Our goal is to make you happy, no matter what the issue is, we will try our hardest to help you until everything in your life is just how you want it.
Terms of Use

You Qualify for a Chat Session if you are Experiencing/Experienced...


Any sort of physical or verbal abuse, child or adult...
Warning Signs


Whether it be short term, or long term despite severity...
Warning Signs

Domestic Violence

Any sort of abuse that has to do with relationships...
Warning Signs

Eating Disorders

Anorexia, Bulimia or even Binge Eating....
Warning Signs

What’s New?

30 nov.

Launch Date

The official opening of this website is estimated to be around the date of 12/6/13

20 nov.

Site Under Construction

Today we begin working on this amazing site - in hopes to help and save many people